neděle 12. května 2013

March against Monsanto


25th May 2013, hundreds of cities all around the world will participate on the March against Monsanto (more information in Dutch on the website of the march in Wageningen).
MONSANTO is an American multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation, one of the most controversial in the world, due to its production of genetically engineered seeds, rBGH (bovine growth hormone) and pesticides (more in the documentary The world acording to Monsanto). 
·    we want agriculture without pesticides killing the bees, polluting soil and water 
last year, a third of bee population died in USA (more in article published in the Guardian). Man cannot survive without bees.
·    we want the GMO free food 
Monsanto owns the majority of GMO seeds in the world. The planned US-EU free trade deal can limit GMO regulation in Europe (more information here).
·    we want free seeds available to everyone 
Monsanto owns a big part of vegetable varieties in Europe (Petition for seed diversity in Europe).
·    we don't want the Monsanto monopoly on food 
Their monopoly threatens local farmers and food autonomy (read Vandana Shiva's article).
We can't afford just sitting and waiting for the others to take the right decisions for us. That is why we are organizing a march in positive and constructive way.
Everyone's voice counts and can contribute to a change.

Join us on our FB event in Den Haag, or by mail:
join the event in Amsterdam, in Wageningen or the online event,
share with all your friends and other people and initiatives who would like to participate, if everyone tells several persons around him, it will spread to many people!!

Let's raise our voices, work together, share ideas and find new solutions to create our future as we want it to be!

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